Firefox is on life support

Things are not looking up for this once-popular browser. From Wired:

Is Firefox OK?


Chrome is winning the browser war big time.

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Chrome can kiss my shiny metal ass. They’ll pry Firefox out of my cold dead hands!

People are stupid (or just ignorant, which is stupid) – they use Windows instead of Linux and IE/Chrome/Edge instead of Firefox. Those two things are analogous in terms of privacy and security.


What about Opera? :stuck_out_tongue:


Or they simply dont care that someone tracks what websites they visit…

And lots of people like being served ads that are more relevant to them.

And a lot of people who get upset about privacy concerns/‘violations’ are only doing so because someone told them they should be upset, but dont have a clue why they’re upset.

You’re entitled to your own opinion about such things, but conflicting opinions are not inherently “stupid”.

I started using Chrome because over time websites stopped working properly in Firefox with NoScript and AdBlock plugins…I still use firefox for my yahoo mail, and general browsing, but i’ve migrated a lot to Chrome, like most of my social media and forums.

AdBlock is an old dog I sent to a farm upstate. I’ve never had any issues with uBlock Origin. If you had problems with NoScript, you’d still have the same problems using it in Chrome.

I do much more than uBlock & NoScript – I also disable a bunch of built in “features” and creep (heartbeat, beacon, recommendations, Notifications API, Service Worker API, Push API, Pocket, WebRTC, prefetching, builtin PDF viewer, etc). I’ve ran into few, extremely rare problems: Google Voice works better with WebRTC, PennyMac wanted Service Workers, and I’ve only had to disable NoScript for Cigna login (it goes to some forwarding page that gets stuck in a loop, but once it’s out I can re-enable).

AFAIK, Firefox was the first browser to support multiple profiles. Each profile can have different settings and extensions. I have a profile with all defaults and no extensions to diagnose any problems. There’s really no need to switch to another browser if you can use a profile that works.


I wonder how many of them would choose to see no ads at all :slight_smile:

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Correction, I guess I do use AdBlock in Chrome. I don’t use NoScript in Chrome, just Firefox. It sounds like maybe I should switch to uBlock origin? Apparently I already use uBlock origin in Firefox. Nowadays, I can’t even get cashback trackers like Rakuten, Swagbucks etc to work in Chrome so I have to use Edge where I have no plug ins operating. I got tired of having to allow domains on NoScript in Firefox, so I just switched to Chrome without NoScript for certain sites. I think I also had issues in FireFox trying to stream ad supported video.

Cashback trackers can definitely be a problem, because the privacy-protecting extensions make tracking difficult to impossible.

But you don’t need to switch to another browser for any of the issues you mentioned – just create another profile in Firefox.


It’s in a heckuva lot better shape than Lynx (my all time favorite) and Netscape … at least for a little while.