First class postage stamps - 10¢ off (each) if you buy 100

Buy 100 stamps and save 10¢ on each one:

Save on USPS stamps

Shipping is free.

Similar deal - slightly different stamp design


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At my current rate of usage this might be enough stamps to last the rest of my life…


These appear to be from 3rd party sellers … not that there’s anything wrong with that. :slight_smile:

After cashing out $1000 worth of Office Depot Rewards in 2015, I’ve been set for life.

Oh those FAReward + Ink recycling days. Good memories

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What about Christmas cards?

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Nota bene:

In the OP I offered two options at the same price, both flag stamps, the second being a slightly different design.

Be aware I’m belatedly noticing the seller of the first option stamps is rated higher (more stars and more reviews) than the other seller, who has only a single review.