Flyer sues because he got sparkling wine instead of champagne

And I thought Americans were the only lawsuit friendly people in the world… here’s to Canada!

Who wants to join this class action?

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How could the damages ever amount to more than $10?

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Restaurants and bars do that all the time. An easy way to tell is to check for a bubble funnel in the glass. French style champagne produces a conical bubble. Sparkling wines do not.


Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!

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Clearly the punitive damages is at least the cost of the entire trip. Without the advertisement of the champagne toast, there was no chance the complaintants would have travel.

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That’s how I felt after buying a $2000 ticket on QR to Asia and finding out later they no longer serve Krug.

I’m gonna take the passenger’s side here. It’s one thing for a FA to mistakenly call it champagne. But for the marketing material to make that mistake is a big deal. Sounds like they have a good chance to win.

Considered doing the same when flying Air Koryo and discovered they had no Koryo Burger on that flight…