For implosion fans

Not the largest or most dramatic implosion video I’ve seen. But this is the most recent of which I’m aware:

Implosions are fun

Years ago Bethlehem Steel actually offered me a job . . . crazy hooples that they were :grinning:. It was not at this building, which I never visited, but was instead at their research labs atop a nearby mountain.

I remember the extravagance. They offered me a lot of money and an amazing vacation package . . well in excess of industry standards of that day. And the cafeteria in their hilltop facility had a fifty mile view. It was all so extreme. I was young then but, for reasons I’m unable fully even now to understand, I turned down their offer, accepting another one instead having a far less luxurious patina.

It was not too many years later when word came of Bethlehem Steel’s decline . . . and then ultimately their demise. Meanwhile the company I chose instead was highly profitable, even during economic downturns, promoted me, and sent me many times to Europe and all around the USA on their nickel. Guess there are times when, if something appears too good to be real, it is not real.

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Data point 1: Bethlehem Steel offers shinobi a job; Bethlehem Steel then declares bankruptcy.


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