Fostering and taxes and other financial stuff

Hi all! We recently took in three beautiful kids who needed a safe place to go while Mom and Dad make some lifestyle changes. We’ve had them roughly a month and expect to keep them another few months, at least. If it matters, we are in Florida and are considered “emergency foster parents” (not licensed).

This gives us five kids total, and as you can imagine, it’s a challenge to the budget, especially as I’m not working right now. The state says they will help us apply for non-relative caregiver funds, but that it could take up to six months to kick in. We’re okay for day to day, like groceries, but the funds will help if/when we still need them.

My question is should I be thinking about anything in regards to taxes (or anything else)? I am saving receipts for clothing, etc, anything I spend on the littles that I wouldn’t have spent otherwise, but no idea what to do with them, if anything. Any other questions I should be asking?

Thank you so much for any input!


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I can’t answer your questions but kudos to for doing this especially since it does appear you have a mountain of discretionary funds. The world need more like you.


Oh that’s awfully nice of you! Not a mountain for sure, but it’s like the fishes and loaves. It’s appearing when we need it!