Free 1-night DVD, Blu-ray or Game rental @ Redbox - Texting Reqired

Text VALPAK to 727272 to receive your promo code

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This has been out since the beginning of the year. In fact, the Play Pass in the graphic doesn’t even exist anymore - it was replaced with the their Perks program (in itself, not an improvement, IMHO).

They’ve even adding streaming since the above graphic!

Oh, and these freebie codes are good 'til the end of February…but they won’t get you any Play Pass points like the old reward system - that only happens with PAID rentals now!

You probably know Redbox a lot better - I just made sure to get the coupon code + took the snapshot of “About Redbox” page on their website when posting. (Just updated the original post to include the direct link with preview - alas, it still has the same info.)