Free CarFax vehicle (maintenance) history report -- virtually unlimited

You can get (seemingly) unlimited vehicle maintenance history reports from CarFax for free.

The reports are “partial” because they only include items related to vehicle maintenance. They don’t necessarily include wrecks, theft or non-maintenance related information.

Considering that the information is FREE, it has been helpful when I’ve looked at buying a used car and I wanted to know a little bit about where it has been and what kind of life its had.

If you join myCarFax (for free) it lets you add vehicles to your account to track oil changes and maintenance.

[Link to myCarFax]

I’ve discovered that I can add virtually any vehicle to my account using its VIN number or license plate number.

Once added, there’s a place where I can get information about the vehicle such as recalls and maintenance history.

The maintenance history isn’t necessarily the vehicle’s complete history but it does provide some information that lets you see where the vehicle has been and frequently shows dates of service and the odometer reading when the service was performed.

When you find a vehicle you’re curious about, simply add the VIN number (or license plate number) to your account and see what there is to see – for free. Simply delete the car from the account when you’re done!

Lather – rinse – repeat.


This is great. Thanks for posting. The reports on my cars since I’ve owned them are pretty accurate since most of the shops I use seem to report their services. There isn’t much registration information. But I knew my car had to be from Texas based on a parking sticker on the windshield when I bought it. Sure enough, the original service records are in Texas. A trip to the body shop shows up as a “service” just like an oil change, and since it was at a dealership, it’s impossible to know that the car had body work done rather than mechanical services.

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