Free online finance courses

Please post good free finance courses.

Khan academy has a lot of videos. Looks like they have AP macroeconomics and AP microeconomics if you are looking for a traditional “full” course. A lot of their videos tend to be shorter.

This one is great; MBA level course at MIT. Had the added benefit of taking place during the financial crisis, so you get to see/hear what the professor was thinking at the time.

This course introduces the core theory of modern financial economics and financial management, with a focus on capital markets and investments. Topics include functions of capital markets and financial intermediaries, asset valuation, fixed-income securities, common stocks, capital budgeting, diversification and portfolio selection, equilibrium pricing of risky assets, the theory of efficient markets, and an introduction to derivatives and options.


My favorite two are:

ECON252 by Yale University (

Startup by Stanford (

Both have their share of very engaging guest speakers and captains of industry. Not sure if any of these are available outside of the Apple ecosystem.

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