Free Turbotax via Fidelity

It’s back again this year: Fidelity: Free TurboTax Premier For Some - Doctor Of Credit

Who knows what the algorithm is. I have about $1M in non-retirement assets with them across brokerage and CMA… and no offer for me. Happy to stick with FreeTaxUSA again this year.


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I got the offer, but now they charge five dollars for the download version. Intuit has got really intrusive to activate the software, demanding that you provide a lot of personal information. I made up a bunch of BS but it’s still a pain in the ass.

There’s another thread here about buying H&R Block for about $20 around Black Friday. The deal will probably come back. I don’t know how much information they’re asking to register it.


Did you place more than 50 trades this year?

Probably not. My activity in Fidelity is generally:

  • CMA receives paychecks/deposits/pay bills. All cash is in FZDXX. I do transfer cash over to FZDXX but there is no fee to do that.
  • Occasional t-bill purchases. Maybe 5 or 6 lots this year.
  • I have a traditional brokerage account that receives company stock every quarter in batches. I sold a bit last month but have generally been holding long, which has paid off massively due to AI. Stock is up 50% ytd thanks to that.

This is in addition to accounts which are non-taxable like my HSA and 401k. HSA is all in t-bills right now. 401k is in BrokerageLink and exclusively invested in low or fee-free Fidelity funds (total market, international index, etc).


There’s a huge thread about this offer on the bogleheads where people try to figure out the algorithm. The consensus is that no one knows for sure.


I saw the following in my Fidelity account this morning…


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It’s really puzzling how they allocate these offers. Last year, I almost did not notice the offer until way into late January.

This year it was available almost a month ago. It showed up initially as 20% discount then a few days later, magically I somehow qualified for Free Turbotax premium ONLINE, or pay $5 for download desktop version (which I selected). Still no offer for DH who has nearly identical balances in his own fidelity accounts. Talk about opaque lottery process.


Still no luck for me.

Same here. I believe they roll out the free TT in batches. Last year I received the offer in mid January. These last two years I’ve had a lot of t-bill purchases.


Credit Karma offered me free “DIY” TurboTax. Seems like one of the easier offers.