FreeFile problem - cant send tax return

I got through my whole taxes on FreeFileFillableForms, but now on the “file’” or “transmit” page, it keeps rejecting my verification code. I’ve tried getting the verification code through email or phone (I receive the codes fine, they’re just not accepted as valid), I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Mac and Android, same problem. I emailed IRS (through the FreeFile web form), but they say it might be a week before they reply. The verification codes work fine to log in, just not to transmit my return at the end.

Any ideas?

Screenshot (the part in red, after entering the correct code):

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I would try a different browser or just use FreeTaxUSA.

Nobody on here is going to be able to help unfortunately.

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FreeTaxUSA will cost you $14. That price includes CA Franchise taxes. If you’re in any other state it may be completely free. I’ve used their system for several years because I do my son’s taxes. Complete satisfaction!


To clarify - FreeTaxUSA is free for federal filing. State filing does cost extra, yes.

They have a few add-ons (unlimited amended returns, enhanced customer support, professional printing, etc), but none of them are required.


Yes, it’s complete. You really don’t need any extras. But I do need state taxes.

OLT Online Taxes will do federal for free and some states the states that it charges is only $9.99.