Fuel Rewards - discount on Shell gas nationwide

I am getting $1.50 off per gallon at participating Shell stations (any grade fuel, incl diesel) and have enough points for like 1000 gallons now, but they will expire unused if I don’t find a business I could split this discount with. Current points will expire on or before November 18.

Use locator at fuelrewards.com to see if there are participating stations near you. Each fill up is limited to 20 gallons, but you can do as many of them in a row as needed. Interested in large buyers only, please.

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When do they expire?

In chunks between 10/3 and 10/6

Oh damn. I was going to try to prepay for a years worth of gas. I just filled up for $80 an hour ago.

How does this work and what is the minimum we need to get? Do we need to fill it once or multiple time?

+1. I could always use more of these companies :slight_smile:

20 gallons max per fill up. Most stations couldn’t care less how many times in a row you get 20 gallons. It is beneficial for them, because they can get the slightly higher credit card price without paying for credit card processing for the portion covered by the discount (which is more than half at the current prices), if you pay with a CC for the rest.

Can we use for personal vehicle?


Available again till November 18, nationwide pretty much. Use locator at fuelrewards.com.

How did you get all the points?

From a grocery chain promotion in my area a few weeks ago.

So how do we get in on this?

can someone explain how to earn fuel rewards discount using certain credit cards at grocery or other retail stores? thank you



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The sweetest part is that I’ve been getting 1.5x fuel points (15c/gallon savings, up to 20 gallon, or $3 value) per $100 spent using a Mastercard at Giant grocery store. I’m sure there are other grocery chains that participate as well. https://www.fuelrewards.com/fuelrewards/mymastercard

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Buy stuff at a store that participates. Liquidate the stuff. Repeat.

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Thank you, sir.

Again looking for businesses in NY/NJ/CT area or surrounding states, S&S territory, interested in large discounts on gasoline or diesel.