FYI: Personal attacks will be removed

Flagging a post gets an alert to us RE that post.

FDadmin or xerty likely know more.

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on the left side of Reply, click the 3 dots and you’ll see a flag icon to report a particular post.


Yeah, yer just hoping aren’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was a big deficiency of FWF; that people can randomly give red to a post and that people feel free to attack a poster (and each other) without any restraints and courtesy.

I personally feel confident about this new group of admin/moderators and am very happy with a job well-done so far.

Thanks, Dave and all.


Great, we’re going down the Disney path of censorship…

FWF was an idiotic forum because problem posters would get owned in an argument and then REPORT EVERY POST by the other poster they don’t like. This creates a lot of work for the admins, so instead of telling the problem poster to stop abusing the reporting system… they would ban someone for posting… I don’t know… that TESLA SUCKS.

You can tell who the person is abusing the system, because every one of their ad hominem attacks remain in place, yet they have everyone else’s posts removed because they have nothing better to do with their lives than abuse the reporting system… and on FWF the admins were, to quote Rex Tillerson… MORON[S] who couldn’t do something that many of us have done while admining forums. I have admined huge forums and have always singled out the problem posters who abuse the reporting system and explained to them that in almost every state abusing 911 IS A CRIME. As opposed to taking the lazy route and doing what they’re told like automatons.


I largely agree with you; but I want to make the distinction between censoring someone’s opinions vs censoring a blatant troll. If someone starts going batshit crazy in the PMs of other users… That’s a problem. When they make what can be perceived as a thinly-veiled death threat because they disagree with someone… That’s a problem.

There’s a point where a user’s conduct gets to the point where they don’t meaningfully contribute and are just a royal pain in the ass to everyone else on the site. At that point he/she has to go. (Again, referring to this specific situation. I had no idea that you were even banned of FWF… I just thought it was Triple and thought that was questionable at best.)


[quote=“Crazytree, post:25, topic:1652”]
Great, we’re going down the Disney path of censorship…[/quote]

Crazy, good to have you here, I haven’t had the chance to welcome you yet. :slight_smile:

Just so I’m tracking…are you concerned about admin/mod decisions so far? Or just worried we’ll head that way…? Genuinely constructive criticism is welcome, whether or not we can abide by it.


Not yet, just a prospective fear of de ja vu.

Good to see you too.

That dude is a problem poster. Just ban him, he is toxic.

I will never understand why people can’t just ignore “problem” posters/trolls. Ignore them long enough, they get bored. But someone has to come back at the person, and that just feeds them. They love stirring up sh*t, love the negative emotion, and as long as they can get a response from someone, they keep on going. IMO Please don’t ban me. LOL


Rule of thumb: if everyone feels the need to ignore them then they are a problem poster. +1 for FDAdmin. Job well done! Keep him banned.


Yeah, I wasn’t saying anything against the admins. My point is, it’s a lot less work for the admins if people simply ignore the trolls. They usually tend to fade away when they don’t get reactions.

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It is a lot better with a “be nice, be respectful” policy. Just look at Quora vs. other sites.

I generally don’t use Quora, is it a lot better than Reddit or say Facebook?

Yes. A big community of mostly smart thoughtful people. But it’s a question and answer site, not really a forum.

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I follow the “ignore and let life go on” rule.


So like Yahoo answers, but for adults?

It’s a real name site, so it keeps a lot of the crackpots away.

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