FYI: Personal attacks will be removed

We will try to keep a light moderator touch here. If it’s legal, it’s game to write about.

However, we will not tolerate personal attacks, period. This is because they undermine our goal of maintaining a collegial community here. When we cannot treat each other with civility, then it’s time for a time-out or a trip to another forum.

EDIT: I was just asked if the same rule applies in private messages. The answer is yes, it does. To be clear, we have no interest in reading PMs, and won’t be looking at them unless we need to. But the personal attacks happen elsewhere.

Thank you for your understanding!



Thank you - it’s good to hear this type of nonsense will not be tolerated given some occurrences over the past 24 hours. I’m glad you all will have a handle on things while keeping a light touch whenever possible!


How about passive aggressive or backhanded type stuff, where it’s not direct, but is clearly meant to send a specific message, perhaps to a specific person/group of people? I’d hope that nonsense falls into the same category.

Or if, perhaps, someone PMs you to say something negative, rude, or otherwise “personal attackish” but then tells you to screw off and not talk to them? I know, I know, don’t feed the trolls. But I think it’s worth pointing out that not every situation is as cut and dry as it may seem on the surface.


[quote=“jaytrader, post:4, topic:1652, full:true”]
How about passive aggressive or backhanded type stuff, where it’s not direct, but is clearly meant to send a specific message, perhaps to a specific person/group of people? I’d hope that nonsense falls into the same category.[/quote]

if the message is a personal attack–as opposed to an attack on an idea–then its out of bounds.

Neither I nor my fellow admins/mods will be spending time debating the fine points of when this means. Genuinely playful teasing is fine. Be civil, and we’ll have no problem.


new forum, though i’m not new to forums, so we’re all learning.

i know what you mean with the sub-attacks, already have fielded one and i just joined today. i prefer to call someone out in private and tell them off.

imo, situations should be viewed holistically. who started it? who’s trolling whom? and imo, bickering in private, as long as nothing illegal is done (e.g. “i’m gonna kill you”) should be allowed. if you don’t wanna private with someone, just block them

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Or don’t get angry when you called them a name in a thread, it was reported and deleted (no other contact made), and then start a PM attack, and then get mad when that person replies to you, telling you off.

The world doesn’t revolve around certain individuals, especially on the internet. I think the sense of entitlement and thin skin is just not a good mixture for forum membership. But that’s me. Everyone knows I’m not perfect (but I don’t claim to be, nor do I think I am).

i’ve been banned from a lot of forums, and usually it’s because of nepotism. i hope we don’t have that here, in a fair board i’ll hold my own just fine

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Even if we do, I have faith that the folks running the show, or that have any weight in it, will be glad to hear all sides of the story.

I out lived a few forums. Moderation is an art and a science. Very few people can skillfully handle the job. As I posted right off the birth of this forum, or maybe it was on FWF, the mod needs to have a meeting of mind in private and there need to be a boss mod to limit endless debate.



Anyone know if Discourse has the same ignore a user function that FW did?

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I don’t think so. This suggests the Discourse creators think ignoring people is antisocial and they know better than you what to support :/.

There is a way to suppress all notifications from someone, which you can find here:


Beauty! Thank you.

where should we report harrassing PMs and spam messages?


thanks! I will try this to get rid of the obnoxious PM spammer

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You can report individual PMs just like you can report posts, I believe. Click the ellipsis next to the reply button (bottom right of the post).


Yes, I was able to put on ignore the obnoxious PM spammer. And if that means I won’t be able to read any of the entity’s posts, that’ll be a bonus! :sunglasses:

I think this setting is only for notifications though. As mentioned above, I don’t think it’ll hide replies of the poster you’re muting in various threads (unfortunately).

I think you’re right but it’s enough that I don’t get all those inedible spam from the entity.

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So, how do one do an “alert mod” here? Not that I need it yet, just asking.