GameStop Thread

What kind of half-butt so-called “financial forum” is this without at least one GameStop post on the front page.

Let’s up our game,

How much of someone’s portfolio should be in GameStonk?

Is it going to exceed the market cap of Apple?

Did anyone here make enough money to pay off their parents mortgage and pay their student loan debt?

What do?


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Well, after Discord took down the WSB server, and Reddit made the community private, it seems GME and AMC are not doing too well.

Hedge fund guys are not my favorite kind of people, but these dweebs are right down there with them. They see themselves as modern day Robin Hoods (quite literally using the trading platform) when in reality they are nothing more than scammers, using regular people’s savings who don’t know any better to help them “take down the hedge funds.”

The amount of vitriol on that subreddit is just amazing to me. Reading it the last 24 hours or so both amazes me and sickens me.



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No, it was the mods. And it’s back already.
Also the fake AH lows are all already recovered.

They’re degenerates and there’s a few tropes that are common. But since when is it a crime to be a degenerate?

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Eh… I think this deserves its own thread but that’s up to the moderators.

I have definitely enjoyed the saga of “DFV” to see the guy turn a $53k bet into nearly $48 million, as of close today.


The generational aspect of this is so fascinating. So much for the Bogleheads (a.k.a. “boomerheads”) slow and steady mantra… this is a millennial market.Screenshot_20210128_010014


In addition to the bans on purchasing and (the one valid action) of increased margin requirements, RH users got notification that RH will arbitrarily sell their calls at market today instead of tomorrow whenever they seem it will artificially drop the price the most and the spread are highest…


SEC porn watchers are gonna have a long slog thru a bunch of dumb posts ahead of them.

Yellen <-- Citadel fees came up in the daily brief, asking if she would be forced to recuse.

(Citadel + IBKR / RH coordination would explain the manipulation)

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RH claims to have removed the block tomorrow.

Meanwhile, etrade restricts.

_Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

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“Intermediaries and the clearing houses”

“So, just to be clear, you’re doing this to protect the middlemen?”

“We’re largely doing this to protect ourselves [not the customers]”

SEC open and shut case, video confession of price manipulation to solely benefit one set of market participants?


You should never talk about Gamestonk/AMC on public forums. N00b. That’s a basic rule.

I think we’ve unfortunately run out of suckers way before that.

Same amount split equally between it, Palm, Blockbuster and Theranos.

Well Duh. :slight_smile:



New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. - January 28, 2021) - Levi & Korsinsky,
LLP, a national securities law firm that has recovered hundreds of millions of
dollars for investors, announces that it has commenced an investigation
against Robinhood and other popular retail trading platforms on behalf of
investors who invested or were prevented from investing in GME and other
stocks pursuant to trading bans on these stocks."

Time to short IBKR? Or do you think they’ll block shorting of themselves?


You mean it and BB.

we were discussing it in another thread. and we also have a student loan debt forgiveness thread :wink:

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What type of exposure could the brokerage have? Any ideas?

Seems like at least three:

1.Margin shortfalls (in accounts that have short positions). But they claim to have already moved up margin requirements through the roof. Unless they’re giving special exceptions to some special clients and helping them recover their negative balances through the manipulation.

  1. Third parties that have financial ties and short positions. Which he mentioned in the video “financial health of our intermediaries”

  2. Melvin and related hedge funds with massive short positions.