GameStop Thread

Yeah, weird. Maybe they should start selling bitcoin and CBD oil in the stores. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


Here’s my new co bubble ticker CBDBTCGME. I can’t lose!!

Has Cramer’s success rate ever caught up with the monkey and a dartboard?

4 Likes tried to make itself a crypto company.

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GME should still sell stock at these levels even if it would have been better to do at 250. The stock might be worth $20-$30 so it is lucrative for them to issue at these inflated levels.


Analyst implies government should ban all OTM call options, it’s a sign of manipulation if anyone purchases OTM call options.

This aged well…

Earnings are 3/23 pm. Will they announce a capital raise, a pivot to being a crypto NFT marketplace, or launch their own EV fleet to deliver pot by drones? Tune in to find out.


But that would force all government contractors to sell their shares!

They are crazy for not issuing shares. If I was the CEO I would be dumping shares on these retail investors and raising billions in capital.


I wonder about the CFO leaving. Was it because he wasn’t getting the stock sale done or otherwise annoyed the big investor? Or was it because he had 500,000 shares worth some $100M+ at current prices that he couldn’t easily sell as an insider and by quitting he could accelerate the time before he could be in the clear on cashing out? He officially leaves 3 days after those earnings come out. (fixed)

Maybe it’ll just look better if he sells after he’s not employed so he won’t have to file anything admitting he sold? My quick read on the form 4 disclosure and section 16 rules suggest he would be in the clear to sell as soon as he’s judged not to have any material non-public and if he did so after he was no longer CFO, he wouldn’t have to tell anyone either.


That is a totally valid point.

If my stock in a company I worked for went from a pit of being worth $1-2M to well over $100M, I’d do everything I legally could get a significant fraction liquidated.

If that means leaving a corporate position – that is ultimate f-you money, so it’s a no-brainer.


He probably decided he’d rather cash out and be retired on a beach drinking margaritas. That is much better than trying to deal with the stress of a failed mall retailer that is being wiped out from online sales by Walmart and Amazon.


I seem to remember someone in a similar situation (big money, but not this GME big) got divorced and in the settlement gave their stock to their spouse, who had no inside info but sure wanted to sell it. I suspect they stayed together afterwards…


AMC is the new GameStop.

Traders last week spent $11.6 bil­lion on op­tions con­tracts tied to AMC, more than on the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust, In­vesco QQQ Trust and Tesla Inc. com­bined, ac­cord-ing to Cboe Global Mar­kets data. Op­tions on those stocks are typ­i­cally among the mar­ket’s most pop­u­lar.

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I’m hoping! :smile: