Generic propecia (finasteride) $220 for a year treatment

I know this is not the usual hot deal but I have taken propecia for a few years and found a subscription model online that is a lot cheaper for me. It is only $220 a year. I was paying over $40 a month at the pharmacy. Only issue for some is they only offer it in limited states. I have used them for several months without an issue.

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For some reason, I’ve had success in having mine covered by insurance for the last 5-6 years. I haven’t asked any questions.

If your source is in the U.S., then that’s seems like a decent price for the generic. See also

During the first 17 years I took it, it was about $3/day. Which was frustrating because this was 1 mg of finasteride, and the the 5mg finasteride was very cheap.

It is a U.S. medication. Definitely not a Canadian or Indian source.

Read this yesterday, forgot to post:

IMO if we didn’t have these drugs or treatments, maybe baldness would not be perceived so negatively.

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If you have not priced out meds at your local Costco pharmacy you should immediately. Federal law prohibits them from requiring membership to use the pharmacy so anyone can use it. They had a spray my wife uses for $29 with no insurance while it was $28.50 with insurance from wife’s insurance mail order place. I called up CVS just to see what their price was without insurance and it was $600!!

If you don’t have a Costco nearby you can get a 1 year supply all at once if you call and talk with the pharmacy and say you want them all now (assuming prescription is for 1 year).


I might be able to get it a little cheaper, but with the free doctor’s visit and shipped to my door, the $18 seemed like a no brainer. When I first started the medication it was over $100/month. Now that was a kick in the nards.

I pay $14 for a 3 month supply at Costco = $56/year. And now they have it where you can get refills online and they will mail them to you. I don’t have a Costco membership.


That is a great price, but you still have to pay the doctor. If the doctor gives the script for free during your annual, and you don’t mind setting it up through costco that is definitely the way to go.