Genetic Detective - Good new TV show

I watched this last week and found it intriguing. The show is on ABC tonight commencing at 10:00 pm ET.

I have only free OTA (over the air) TV, no cable or satellite. So maybe those with more options might have better ones. But last week’s show was pretty good. The woman who does this sleuthing is quite smart.

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Watched last night. That woman, Cece Moore, is quite impressive. She has skills which, not only do I not have them, I don’t even have a CLUE!!

Frankly, genealogy never has interested me. Just never saw the point to it . . or any use for it . . rear view mirror stuff. Boring.


So wrong. In the hands of a person like Moore, who has the skill set, genealogy becomes an amazing crime fighting tool. Live and learn.

The cool part to me is when they are able to identify these perps after as much as twenty or thirty years. Perp figures jeopardy is gone after passage of so much time. Big surprise! And justice is done, which is pretty amazing.

And the DNA tracing based on relatives, with Moore on the case even distant relatives, is so intriguing. If you did the crime and left DNA at the scene, today your relatives can end up identifying you without your knowledge. Modern science is amazing stuff.

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Good to know. I knew I had heard that name before. She helps on the PBS show Finding your Roots as the genealogist at the end when the records search reaches a dead end.

Will have to remember to record the new show.

My original post was a while back.

I believe her show has now been cancelled.

The show hasn’t been cancelled or renewed yet, according to multiple Google sources. I hope it’s renewed.

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