Get your Ubiquiti, get your Ubiquiti data breach right here

According to a supposed whistleblower, Ubiquiti was hacked and tons of worthwhile data was stolen, from source code to passwords. As I read it, Ubiquiti’s legal team quashed any actions that weren’t legally required, and worded the breach notification in such a way as to obfuscate the fact that they were the target of the hack.

By the time Ubiquiti got big, I had pretty much quit keeping up with networking equipment. Actually, when I first heard about them, I thought they were a Chinese company, and shied away from their products for that reason. It turns out they aren’t a Chicom company, but I’m kind of glad that I avoided them.

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TP-LINK is one of the most popular routers for things like OpenWRT, cause it actually runs Linux and doesn’t (didn’t?) block installation of other firmware. Besides, all the well-known American companies manufacture their networking crap in China anyway.

Yes, but they’re not under ChiCom threat to life and life of family.

ETA: That certainly doesn’t make U.S. companies less susceptible to poor decisions (Ubiquity, for one). I’m used to factoring greed into an equation - not so much for calculating what a paranoid communist govt. might imagine.

How can you be certain? Even if the govt does not officially have ownership, they are still in full control of life at and around the factory. A few compromised (under threat to life and family) workers in the right positions may be enough to do pretty much anything, like add an extra chip or modify a few lines of code.

I’m presuming my previous post wasn’t clear, so let me back up and make sure that it is.

When I said,

I was referring to

With this additional clarification, is that still your response?

I thought you shied away from their products because the products from companies with a Chinese government ownership stake could not be trusted.

No, I shied away because they are a Chinese company. I consider any Chinese company to be under the control of the Chinese government, whether or not there is official ownership.

WETA: Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :smile: