Good cellphone + 6 months service @$100

B&H Photo hosting a Republic Wireless(Project HiFi Jr. - combines Tmo & Sprint) $100 Giveaway:
Moto G4 Plus World Unlocked version + 6mo Unlimited@ 2gb + free sim + free shipping.
(64gb version phone $149 / 16gb $109 / 32gb $104)
You MUST clip $25 website coupon, n have until January 31 to turn on service.
(Yes, 2gb not a lot: Fios & Spectrum/Charter/TW have internet addon specials $19-29 that can maybe complement.)
This gives you endless options:
Immediately after activation swap out sim to old phone and sell fairly valuable phone unlocked with all bands.
If in your area both Tmo n Sprint have unsatisfactory coverage, sell the sims w/ their 6mo service and port present #'s to AT&T mvno Cricket(5/6 lines for $100).
Or Verizon mvno Red Pocket.
Etc., etc.

You’ll need to Google this.

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Thanks for the heads-up… this is a ridiculously good deal!

I’ve been limping along with a first-gen Moto G on Republic waiting for a decent deal.
Only downside is, once my 6 months are up on this my previously $10/mo plan is going to cost me $15/mo (I really just use voice+text).

Now to figure out how much of a hassle it will be to move an existing Republic number to my “new line” I have to open for the free 6 months of service :stuck_out_tongue:

Assurance Wireless is totally free - the Obama Phone program - couple of other competitors exist too.
Free smartphone with a little data and 750 combined texts / minutes. Uses Sprint network.
You can usually find a table set up outside public assistance / welfare locations. They will sign you up with any medicaire / medicaid / benefit / disability card you might have.

Port to Google voice

Yeah, I figure I’ll need to port my existing number out, and then port it back in to the new phone.

If you port it to Google Voice you really won’t ever need to Port it again. You’ll just sign up for new service and Link the new phone number to your Google Voice number. All your outgoing calls appear to be coming from your GV number

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Thanks for the advice. I will need to read up on that.