Good luck, Carolinians

As for anything finance related, I don’t think the storm is strong enough to affect any of the Carolina industries, whatever those are. Could be a decent hit on insurers, though.

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It is a mess from what I have been watching on the nonstop news. Lots of flooding to deal with - no fun… I heard that flood insurance “adoption rates” are less now than in previous years. That is going to hurt some folks.

Not sure on industries… I know the Raleigh-Durham area has some large IT companies.

The problem with non-stop news is that they can’t stop. It might help if they tried to allow a few moments of silence instead of rattling off stupidity to prevent that silence. I actually heard some reporter say that the “puddles are getting bigger”, and a BREAKING NEWS alert that said “nothing’s changed”.

My wife has only heard of hurricanes from afar via tv news. The jackasses on tv calling it the storm of the century and that this will be the worst flooding possible kind of freaked her out. After 30 years of me being right, you would think that she’d believe me when I said we were sufficiently prepared, and the news people get paid to “disasterize” everything. Nope, so I made an antenna and hooked it up. After having the tv on as background noise for several hours, she almost threw a coaster at the screen, and asked if they’ve always been this stupid. :slight_smile: The antenna is disconnected for at least a year.

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That’s sort of why I only read print news, unless I’m stuck watching it at the gym or something,

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Didn’t realize you are in NC/SC, @Honkinggoose. Hope all is well.

I agree about the news coverage. Everything is breaking, a disaster or some combination!

I heard one of the meteorologists talking about “breaking through records of rain - 35 inches, 40 inches, etc”. She sounded so excited?! I thought if you were talking about my hometown or state, I would kick you in the shins :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Everything was fine here. The dog got her three walks, and my fading tomato plants didn’t lose any of the greenies still hanging on. Although the rain was steady for a long period of time, it was never as heavy as some storms we’ve had. The grand total in my backyard was 6.6" over 30 hours. It’s a fair whack of rain, but nothing to write home about.

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Okinawa calling. Have you seen the typhoon damage over there?

Wow! Two CAT5 storms back-to-back. I can’t imagine that kind of storm on an island. This must be Mike Seidel on the scene. Oh, never mind. He’s standing up straight. :slight_smile: