GREE dehumidifier recall- FIRE hazard

Earlier in the week, one of my friends asked me about recommending a dehumidifier. I replied that I was quite satisfied with mine, and recalled that it was a FW hot deal, and I had stacked on a Lowe’s coupon. I struggled for a minute to find a link to it, and then lo and behold… I discover it’s been recalled!

In case a picture of your dehumidifier isn’t staring at you en fuego at that link, search by brand, model, and date code here.

Please beware, especially since many of us also shamelessly have surplus reams of Staples paper.

This could have potentially been posted under hot deals, but I suppose that would be in poor taste.

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I took advantage of this. Got a nice check in the mail too. The return kit requires you to cut the cord and put it in the envelope to them.
Now… if only I knew how to repair a cord… wink

Isn’t it just fulfilling its function?
The fire (and resultant increase in the indoor temperature) should dramatically decrease the relative humidity inside the house. Now when the fire department comes and starts spraying water all over humidity is going to spike, but to be fair the manufacturer can only control what their appliance does; they can’t control whether the fire department comes or how they respond to the incident.