"green energy" feasibility and investment opportunities

The horses are not acceptable to the CA Democrats because their flatulence contains methane gas.

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You’re thinking of cow burps, not horse farts.

But … but … they have energiewende

  • Electricity producer prices up 174.9% on the year
  • Excluding energy, August up only 14% year-on-year


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Spectacular video of electric battery buses catching fire

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This is why you shouldn’t try to force the plug into the socket.

Speaking of fires

Amazon took all U.S. solar rooftops offline last year after flurry of fires, electrical explosions

  • Between April 2020 and June 2021, solar panels atop Amazon fulfillment centers caught fire or experienced electrical explosions at least six different times.
  • “The rate of dangerous incidents is unacceptable, and above industry averages,” an Amazon employee wrote in an internal report viewed by CNBC.
  • Rooftop solar is part of Amazon’s broad plan to zero out emissions by 2040.

Instead of solar, Amazon should buy some small modular nuclear reactor power plants.

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EVs and the power grid

California currently uses time-of-use rates to encourage people to use electricity at night such as running the dishwasher and charging cars. However, the authors argue that with growing demand of electric cars, this strategy is outdated and will soon incur high demand with low supply. More specifically, the teams says if a third of homes were to charge their electric cars at 11 PM or whenever electricity rates go down, the local grid would become unstable.


This makes sense as the fraction of power produced by solar and wind increases. Solar, of course, produces nothing at night and wind also dies down at night.

Another issue is the banning of gas heaters and other gas appliances in new construction or replacing existing gas equipment. In the winter, the electric heaters are going to increase demand at night.

The electric power grid is a complex, feedback control system that has to match demand and supply on a sub fraction of a second basis.

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That’s not necessarily true. The biggest (and maybe the only) wind farm I know in SoCal is near Cabazon off the 10, and it’s always windy. It’s also windy near the coast at night, so off-shore wind should work at night. This is a non-scientific, personal observation -based opinion.

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Looks like I was wrong

The team found that wind speed and power production varied by season as well as from night to day. Wind speeds were higher at night (more power) than during the day (less power) and higher during the warm season (more power) than in the cool season (less power). For example, average power production was 43 percent of maximum generation capacity on summer days and peaked at 67 percent on summer nights.

Edit. The relatively small fractions of max generation are interesting. Only 43% on summer days.


Maine found the biggest high quality lithium deposit, but their environmental protection laws won’t let it be mined. Green dilemmas.


ESG satire

I liked the one where the black guy identifies as white to annoy the CEO trying to boost his ESG / diversity stats. I think in the end the CEO identifies as non-binary to get some better marks.


The comic strip actually did get canceled by one chain. The newspaper chain canceled other comics but was this a coincidence? He is still carried by other newspapers in 57 countries.

By the way, I do not usually read the strip but it is great.

From the article.

And as new comic strips came out attacking ESG, newspapers started canceling the creator’s syndication because of complaints from the readers. Lee Enterprises, which runs 77 newspapers, just canceled their contract.

Given that Lee Enterprises cut other popular comic strips as well, it could be a normal business decision, but Adams says, “Do you think they flipped coins to decide what to keep and what to delete? It wasn’t about popularity or cost. (That I know.)”

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But what about energiewende?

Even environmental groups agree this might be best short-term solution

the earnings from burning more coal will go into constructing more wind turbines and solar panels, but environmentalists are worried the German government isn’t doing enough to ensure that.

Still, even the country’s staunchest environmentalists admit that coal is the quickest and most cost-effective answer to Germany’s energy crisis.

“We can understand the government restarting coal-fired power plants in Germany,” says Greenpeace Germany’s Karsten Smid, “but on one precondition: Coal is destroying the climate. So in the end, we do not accept any additional CO2 emissions without a commitment to savings.”

Smid says the government will need to ensure that every ton of CO2 emitted from burning coal will be offset by reducing emissions elsewhere in the economy.

The problem, says Smid, is that the German government hasn’t promised that. Instead, it’s given a green light to operators to burn more coal so that Germany — and its economy — doesn’t freeze this winter.

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As expected, the climatistas are blaming Ian on global warming or is that climate change. They are getting a little pushback

And we also have this inconvenient truth to coin a phrase

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New York going all in on EVs. They need an EPA waiver for it, but I’m sure they’ll get it (like CA does) if they ask in the next 2 years.

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California has areas in the mountains that get cold, but they are not nearly as populated as New York’s.

Cold weather drastically reduces the range of EV’s The magic thinking of the climate cult assumes these details will be automatically solved

Most Tesla’s, depending on the model, can go anywhere from 300 to 400 miles on a full battery charge before needing to visit the local charging station. In winter months, however, that range can be reduced by almost 40 percent, making the average range of a full battery charge during the winter 180–240 miles. While that reduction in range is not likely to affect your daily commute, it is something to take note of when planning on longer trips, particularly during cooler weather months.

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More importantly, what’s the battery life when blasting the heater while stuck in a snow drift on the highway overnight?

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Bring sufficient clothing and food, and you won’t have to worry about it.

Have you ever been stuck in your car in a whiteout for even a couple hours? It’d really suck to watch the snowmobiles bringing extra gas to the cars around to you, and have to drive on past you as you watch your battery life slowly drain away. It wont be about how much clothing you have with you, it’ll be about finding a good samaritan near you who allows you to abandon your car and crawl into their back seat.

On the bright side, I guess, you wont need to worry about your exhaust getting blocked…