Ground Rules on Swearing

Before anyone gets worried that we’re going to trample on users’ unique personalities, fear not. The rule is simple, please avoid using curse words. I was going to make a list, but will trust in everyone’s good judgment for now.

I understand that folks use some mild profanity in their daily conversation. But it’s gratuitous when posting, and absolutely unacceptable when addressing other members.

I’m not writing this in response to a problem, or anything like that, just getting around to laying out ground rules.



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Yeah I’m kind of with V on this one. But I guess I’ll have to be a good little girl.

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I promise we’re not becoming a nanny state here. There’s not even a filter setup or the like (why do I feel like I’m going to regret making that known).

Just laying out some ground rules.


If you need to know what to avoid, here’s a good place to start your research:

Damn, I guess I’m going to hell for utterances…

Those about the worst I use when posting. Or everyday speech, unless the audience is a group of military buddies, then every-f*@King thing is ok…


Great to see you techy!!

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