H&R Block Tax Software 2017 Deluxe/Premium/Biz $20/$30/$37 @ Amazon

I think these prices are as low as they get. Just dropped today according to CCC. Same price for Mac/Win/download.

Deluxe+State for $19.99: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B075QDY2VM/
Premium+State for $29.99: Amazon.com
Premium&Business for $36.99: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B075QCXSKS/

ETA: that didn’t last long. Moving to Expired.


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Get download version if you have digital credits.

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I’ll try to go back to my FWF links (archive.org), but ignoring TurboTax’s dissing of its customers, is H&R Block clearly the leader over Ttax, TaxAct, TaxCut and others?

I’ve used them all. None of them are anything special.

I was a big tax act user but switched last year to HR Block with the CD deal. Easy enough to use.


They made the Amazon refund worthless, only 5% “bonus” now. Previous years i have overpaid an extra $500-$2500 for the Amazon +10% refund.

Not worth it as there’s other ways to get Amazon credit at 5% or more with little effort. Plus I have to use credit card directly for larger items for warranty and price rewind, since I’ve started using price rewind so often on my Amazon purchases.

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I’m seeing prices of ~$25, ~$41 and ~$47 for downloads.

Is this deal dead or am I missing something?

H&R Block is TaxCut.
Don’t know if leader or not, or whether that matters. They all do the same thing. I’ve been using TaxCut forever so I’m used to it.

Yep, looks like it’s dead.

There will be another deal soon enough.

Last year the best deal was $5 cheaper than the OP.


They are all similar, however, the import of last years return can be hit or miss IF you are using a different brand. Carryover deduction, for example. For that reason, I will try to wait a while for a price cut on TT.

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