Happy Birthday Fragile Deal

A few days late, but better late than never.

I was just reminded that the site has been around for 1 year because I just received my “Anniversary” badge.
It never picked up the a similar amount of activity as the fat wallet finance forum, but there have definitely been some useful discussions. And I’m still around a year later, so it can’t be that bad lol.

Seriously though, glad someone went out of their way to start this site for us FWF refugees. Happy Birthday and hope there are many more.


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Thanks for the thread!

Between the primary jobs which demand the attention of us founders, and our preference for a complete lack of ads here at FD, there hasn’t been the same push to scale that there might be at other sites.

That could change. And even if it doesn’t, I think we’re all very glad this community got started. I have benefited from the discussions here, and am cautiously optimistic that it will enjoy a bright future.


There’s like ten “happy anniversary pseudo-FW” threads from the “I got first!” people over at the site which shall remain nameless.

One thing I like about this site is that less is often more.


My nutritionist reminds me of this frequently.

… and yes, I see the irony in this post.

Except if you’re anemic – you need more, not less irony.