Hat's off to Moen

I’ve now had interactions with the two heavyweights of plumbing fixtures in America, and can provide the following results.

Short version:

Moen seems to keep parts longer than Delta, and is thus able to offer warranty parts for a longer period of time. This is only anecdotal, but provided a sharp contrast.

Moen offers overnight shipping for $25 (not outrageous) and that one $25 payment applies to all shipments related to that order. Delta - unknown, as they didn’t have the warranty parts I needed.

Long version:

In 2014, a Delta faucet on a vanity sink in our master bath began to leak. It was not just an O-ring or washer replacement, and was about 12 years old. I called Delta for a warranty replacement and was informed that they no longer stocked that style, but they were happy to offer me a replacement faucet, up to $400 in value. Well that was just fine … except … they would only replace one fixture. Our master bath had two vanity sinks, a tub fixture and four shower fixtures.

After multiple conversations, moving up the food chain, it became apparent that this was their SOP and we were SOL. I ended up taking a replacement faucet from Delta, reselling it, and buying the correct, matching fixture from an Amazon reseller. It was a royal PITA.

Jump to 2023, and our Moen kitchen faucet handle (14 years old) flies off the faucet. My initial interaction with Moen was pleasant and the service tech said that she was shipping everything necessary to fix the problem, along with a new spray wand due to a rubber cover beginning to fail on the spay/stream button. She offered 07-10 day shipping at no charge for warranty claims. Two-day shipping was $20 and overnight was $25. I opted for overnight, and she assured me the spray wand, although back-ordered would also ship overnight when it came in stock.

Moen came through in all aspects.

This is only one example, but if we ever build another house, I will opt for Moen plumbing fixtures.


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I can verify that Moen is a straight up company that stands behind their product. They replaced parts for our 2000 kitchen faucet twice. Then this year they did not have parts so they sent a whole new faucet. Also our 2000 bath faucet just started to have problems and I could not get it apart (corrosion) so they sent a new faucet. No hassles and no charge.

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I have a hard time blaming them for not replacing 7 fixtures for free just because one was leaking. A warranty replacement for a bad car tire isnt going to score you 4 new tires, either. Replacing a defective microwave isnt going to get you a free matching stove too.

To me, the only difference in how you are perceiving the responses of the two companies is that for Moen, you only expected them to replace what was actually broken. Which is exactly what Delta did as well.


Thanks for sharing your experience. The house we bought a few years ago is mostly outfitted with Moen’s stuff. I have found it to be pretty good, better than the Delta fixtures in our previous home. I agree with @glitch99 though - I would be surprised if any of these behemoths would replace both fixtures.

I am still partial to Kohler though overall. When we did some renovation work on our previous home, we selected Kohler fixtures and I found the quality to be excellent.

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I’m going along with most folks here and voting for Moen kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Many years ago I drew up plans for my new country home. But I had beautiful ideas for my guest bathroom. First I wanted a sunken tub and European faucet fixtures. Long story short, I got what I wanted.

Problems right off the bat. First of all visitors didn’t know how to work the shower in that sunken tub. One old country cousin broke the handle and water spraying all around. But customer service on European faucets was terrible :cry:. Replacing faucets non existent after a few years.

I did use regular faucets and fixtures throughout the rest of my home. Can’t beat Moen brand!!

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I didn’t make my point very well. Of course, they wouldn’t replace seven fixtures if one was bad.

I was complaining more about how long they kept parts/spares. If I could buy one from Amazon, it seems fair to consider that it was not out of production for a very long time. Yet, Delta had no spares/parts. I think that might be their method of limiting warranty claims. Based on that, I prefer to purchase other brands.

The Moen faucet went out of production in 2018, according to one of the warranty reps that I spoke with. They still had spares and as freewheeling as they were with me, tons of parts.

From my two experiences, I consider Moen to be a more reliable supplier.

I had a similar experience with LG, although not warranty related. Five years after purchasing an LG vacuum cleaner that worked incredibly well, I dropped a component and broke it. LG had NO parts as they ceased manufacturing a year and a half earlier.

Not necesarily, it’s likely one of those details that is pretty arbitrary. Generally, getting a newer model as a free replacement is considered a bonus. But that does clarify your point, that you are likely to have the same issues with 6 other potential replacements.