Have you tried any of the new McCafe drinks?

Today I tried a Caramel Cappuccino. :coffee:


I love their Mocha/Caramel Mocha and Frappes. In comparison, I found the Cappuccino to be less intense and heavy, for a refreshing change.

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Tried their pumpkin spice latte. No, I’m not a white sorority girl, but yes, it was better than expected.


The Chobani shakes are good and at $2, which often triggers a free thing on the app (the McD’s in SoCal have been giving away six free chicken nuggets when the Dodgers shut out the other team in the 6th, or when the Bruins win), it is a decent deal.

We don’t have Chobani shakes. :cry:

I tried a pumpkin & creme pie, which was surprisingly good.