Hit and run auto accident. Help!

OK, in the style of the old fat wallet finance here’s my shot at an epic thread, not.

Someone backed into my parked car (on the street) and dented the door pretty badly. It’s a 2005 Infinity. They left a note with a phone number, but are unresponsive to calls and texts. I have the incident on video, but can’t make the plate. I have a police report #. I’ve been occasionally watching the lot they backed out of (across the street from my house) and the car isn’t there, so they must have been just visiting. Who would stop and leave a note, then just ignore it?

Unfortunately, I have no collision or comprehensive coverage. Am I SOL if I can’t identify the driver and either sue or claim on their insurance?

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How long have they been unresponsive to calls & texts?

They could just be slow to reply / busy.

4 calendar days. Sent texts with my info, plus called twice and left messages. I guess they could be flat on their back with the flu or something.

Did they leave a full name or just a first name ?

They might just be very busy or unable to reply.
They might be arguing with their spouse about paying you or not …
They might have left a fake name / number so they wouldn’t appear to be doing a hit and run if someone saw.

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It didn’t happen unless you include a diagram.

Sue the owner of the lot they were coming out of…


Do you have uninsured motorist property damage (UMPD) on your auto policy? UMPD covers damage to your car if it’s hit by someone without insurance and some states allow you to use UMPD to cover hit-and-run accidents. Do you have UMPD coverage on your auto policy? If so, you may wish to research your state to see if hit and run is covered and/or consider contacting your insurance agent for guidance.


Yep, my car was totalled hit and run last year. ~$1k for rental car+ the vehicle value was covered with a $250 deductible.

Why would you park it on the street? You’re just asking for a tree… No wait, that would be a good thread.

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Just “PLZ CALL xxx-xxx-xxxx” on a napkin. I’m in New Orleans and it’s a Baton Rouge number.

I’ll check. Thanks.

Edit- Nope.

Crazy, right? An expensive New Orleans house without parking.

Sorry you’re hosed unless they text or call you back.

What’s the dollar amount of the damage? And how do you have it on video? The second question is more out of curiosity.

I assumed you already google the # and the name?

I dunno yet. Google says $1000 or so. I could live with it, but I’m not a fan of driving around in a white trash car all the time.

The car was parked in front of the house (street parking) and we have a security cam DVR setup,


This is why I try to park next to a Tesla. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the lot they pull out of have a CCTV camera you could ask to see the record of? That might have their license plate. Or neighbors with another angle that’d show the license plate. Since you have the exact time, you could ask for it precisely as they back out of it or if it got caught as they got into the lot earlier.

If you come out empty, last resort you could call and leave a message hinting that you have video camera evidence (but leaving out that you don’t have their license plate on it) and will proceed to sue them unless they call back to exchange insurance info.


Is someone supposed to reply to say : “that will buff right out” ? ?


that will buff right out.