Home Depot Truck Rental Insurance

Home Depot only requires proof of current insurance for their $19 tuck rentals. Most car insurance doesn’t extend to U-Haul rentals and I always get the supplemental insurance. Is there any guide to what car insurance companies extend coverage to the HD Load N’ Go rentals? (Yes, I googled it before asking)

Have you looked into your credit card’s rental coverage? Most cover auto rentals so I’m not sure how that would translate.

Trucks and moving vans are usually excluded from cc free cdw coverage

I don’t even think the Amex premium rental protection covers them ? Anyone know ?

When it comes to renting uhauls and rental trucks I always buy the coverage bc those things get beat up and charging for damage is a rental companies profit center.

while Home Depot may not look to charge you for a scratch /ding , places like U haul do carefully scrutinize the truck if you don’t buy the insurance , to try to get you . If you buy the insurance they could care less when you return it

Insurance on rental trucks can be tricky to figure out.

My insurance (AMICA in MA) will cover vans and pickups, but not box trucks. I figured this out when I was renting a UHaul Cargo Van to move some flooring. I called to find out exactly what would be covered and wouldn’t be covered. Things like a Ford Transit Connect or a Ford F350 Cargo Van would be covered, because they can be configured as passenger vehicles even if they are built as cargo vehicles. Box trucks cannot be passenger vehicles so they are not covered.

I had previously assumed that none of those would be covered and planned to buy the UHaul insurance, so that got to save me some money.

Home depot rents cargo vans and pickup trucks. I’d double check with my insurance before renting that the pickup trucks are actually pickup trucks and not some kind of modified dump truck or utility truck frame custom made with a cargo bed.