Hot air popcorn popper twelve bucks at

Has the on/off switch, a nice feature, and very strong reviews.

I think price could be on account of color, which might not be selling well. More popular colors cost more.

Shipping is six dollars unless you can get your order total up to $35, at which point shipping is free.

Nostalgia APH200AQ 16-Cup Air-Pop Popcorn Maker seems to have a lot going on. Maybe it’s their Labor Day sale?

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That’s a fair price for a hot air popper. I had one many moons ago. It popped the kernels well. However, it always seemed that the popcorn came out too dry. I tried drizzling butter over it, misting it with olive oil, and drinking lots of water, but could never get close to the taste that I wanted.

What finally got me switched away from hot oil popping was the silicone microwave popper. You can put a quarter cup of kernels and a teaspoon of your preferred oil in, microwave for ~2 minutes, and it tastes pretty darn good. If you add hot sauce, or some other liquid flavoring, your cook time will increase slightly.

Gosh, all my great deals are evaporating.

This popper is now priced at over twenty bucks! If you wanted one hope you got in at the lower price.