Hot deal on Biden flags just $8.00 each - Shipping is free

This is a reasonably priced full size Biden flag which will be shipped to you from a USA location (California) - not China. Size is three feet by five feet. Buy now and fly proudly.

Joe Biden flags are selling fast but remain available for now

Hundreds of these flags have already been sold. If unavailable when you see this post, I apologize.

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“The words is everyone knews,and we can’t public in real words,because it is not allowed.So please make a understand”

Seller has your Russian Engrish.

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This thread tells me we really need to revive Hot Deals to FW days. SD needs some real competition!


Well, this will help everyone move on for sure…:slight_smile: :rofl:

I think I like this one better if someone was going to put something like this up…


How about “Incarcerate this”?


The first multi-syllabic word learned in the community. :frowning_face:

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And in a similar vein,


Impeach is already two syllables. Removal is already three syllables.

That makes sense though. Say you wanted to find out who are receptive targets for Russian disinformation propaganda efforts to destabilize the US, you could do worse than having people pay you $8 to record their physical address LOL.

Why would a former Federal Prosecutor take a job as an ADA in Manhattan?

Sounds like the Manhattan DA wanted to hire a consultant to do his job for him, but hide the optics (and cost) of hiring a consultant to do his job for him…

There’s something fishy about a District Attorney hiring someone specifically to investigate one person.

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Trump Org is an organized crime syndicate, not one person.