How do you get into Fragile DealS?

I have a deal I want to discuss, but it looks like is not accepting new members. How do people get in?f

I have a deal that I’d like to discuss, but I know that it would be killed pretty quickly if it got onto the major deal sites.

Just tell me and I’ll make sure it gets to FragileDeals, after I’ve vetted it. :innocent:

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It’s by invite only, kinda like private tracker communities only more exclusive and the ppl who are there are a lot more suspicious.


Almost 100% spot on.

TT, you can PM me if you’d like to further discuss the deal. I can offer discretion and constructive feedback on the deal.


What is fragiledeals as compared to fragile deal?

FD was the companion private forum to FW public site , and when the forum began , offering a deal too fragile to post publicly would be all that was needed for admission . Later on the members prefered a nomination process to admit new members , so for the past several years admission has been on a nomination process

The best way to be nominated was to become a top poster and regular contributor at a public site , whether it was FW flyer talk etc . Now that we have this venue as the public forum , the best way to be nominated is by becoming a top contributor in this forum. Recognizing this forum is brand new and it’s hard to gauge the top contributors at this point , I’ve asked the admin team to look into creating an area of this board not viewable to lurkers , so we can have a venue for certain topics too fragile to post . It will be similar to the restricted Miles Trading forum that was at flyertalk


Ah this makes sense, I discovered it by accident trying to visit this site with my phone and having to manually type the url.

I thought it was strange that there was two sites on the same domain with separate logins.

Maybe consider adding a subdomain to the private site and redirecting the current url here to avoid this problem. Something like:

I think google rankings punishes sites that don’t redirect their www and no-www traffic to a unified place, not an issue for the secret site, but could improve rankings for this site.


I giggled. redirects to doesn’t.

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whoops my bad, guess the problem was the added s and not subdomain related.

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I don’t see the connection between posting basic deals in the public site and being qualified for a private secret deals site. To me, the public deals require zero critical thinking. You look in the newspaper or find a sale posted on a splash page of a website and you repost it.

A secret non-public deals site would be things like ways to extract value in unexpected ways that would be shut down if you posted them. These are 100% critical thinking with a mix of trial and error. No one would post these on the public site because they would be shut down. There’s little to no correlation between a person who makes a good public deal poster and someone who makes a good private poster.

Personally, I have a handful of “secret” deals I’ve run across that I wouldn’t post publicly because they’d be shut down, and no one would ever know to invite me to a private group. I’m sure there’s many others like that. We don’t bother reposting the Costco Ad or Target Ad because anybody can do that. Just a matter of who does it first and who’s willing to put a bit of manual effort in. Doesn’t mean that person can spot flaws in systems to exploit.


I agree @TripleB but I don’t think @SIS was talking about posting deals specifically. I think SIS meant contributing to the whole of FragileDeal, rather than just some super awesome deal/MS method/what have you.


That makes a lot more sense. My assumption being someone who is a creative outside-the-box thinker would come up with the secret loophole stuff fit for a private area. And you can see those types of thinkers in threads that require posting critical thoughts.

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