How long to get motel security deposit returned?

I stayed at a Motel 6 in Augusta GA on Thursday night and checked out Friday morning. The cost with tax was $49.08 and they added $25 security deposit. Saturday I check my credit card and see $74.08 as a pending charge. Today I see it as a posted transaction. How long should it take them to process the refund? I would think it was the same day as I checked out.

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If they’re the type of place to add a $25 security deposit, they’re the type of place where you maybe dont expect to get the $25 back without a lot of bitching. I cant imagine a $50/night motel has many incidentals you can charge to the room…

That said, credit card refunds typically take 1-2 days longer than purchase transactions to post. Yes, despite having the same transaction date. So if the purchase posted last (saturday) night, wait until at least Tuesday, if not Wednesday, before worrying about the deposit credit.


Authorizations are instant, but posted charges are 1-2 days, and refunds are typically up to 7. Pretty shady they didn’t just authorize for + $25 more rather than posting it.

As it turns out, a lot of low-rent hotel guests play shenanigans with it, like turning their card off after they check in. So, that’s what motivates the front desk to get it all up front, lol.

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I thought the deposit was for those guests that swipe the towels or the remote.

Just checked and the refund posted yesterday.