How many times a year can you have an Amazon Prime trial membership?

I had one probably 2 years ago and canceled it after the 30 day trial because I didn’t use it enough to justify the cost. The shipping perks were the only thing to attract me to it. I just got another trial membership when it was offered as I was checking out on a purchase. Will cancel that too after 30 days. How often do they allow someone the free trials?

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You can get one 12 months after your last free trial.


You can also sign up for a new az acct each month for 13 months and have a perpetual free trial. Allegedly.

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az? I’m not moving to the desert just for amazon prime. :sunny:

You know that arrow on the logo? It doesn’t just look like a smile, it also goes from A to Z.


Unless your “moving to az” comment was sarcastic (which didn’t come across that way), your “duh” comments suggest you knew the smile from A to Z part and just didn’t put 2 and 2 together regarding the comment “az acct”. I thought Script was being rather nice to explain it to you.

Yikes! That’s not what I meant at all. I didn’t recognize az as being an abbreviation for Amazon. When @scripta explained it, my “duh!” comment was meant for me not realizing it. Reading back through the thread, it now seems obvious, but at the time, it wasn’t too me.

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Well this thread took an unexpected turn :wink:

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Common abbreviation for Amazon is AMZ. AZ is Arizona. One is a river, the other a state.

Until this thread I haven’t seen either used to refer to Amazon. I guess AMZ is the ticker for Amazon on the FRA. I have seen Amazon referred to as AMZN though.