How safe is Paypal Friends and Family for the recipient?

Sold a car on Ebay and got a $500 deposit with regular Paypal. Buyer asked if can use Paypal F&F to pay the $9,000 balance. I know not to take regular Paypal because of chargeback risks, even though vehicles are generally excluded. What about Friends and Family payments? My concern is what if the payment is made from a stolen or hacked account? The buyer has a good and long feedback record and seems to be a senior in Florida, but who knows.

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If they claim that their account was hacked, they could file a fraudulent transaction claim (within 180 days) even though supposedly PayPal F&F are non-refundable transactions and not subject to PP Buyer Protection. Beside that I’ve not used it myself for large transactions to unknown parties so I don’t know all the scams out there.

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When you sign the Paypal user agreement, don’t you indemnify Paypal against such claims?

If it is not a friend of a family member, don’t use a Friends and Family payment method. Meet at their bank and have them give you cash or a cashier’s check which you deposit immediately.