How to Bypass Google ReCAPTCHA Images

There are lots of blogs/discussion boards blasting Google’s recaptcha function to “prove” you are not a robot. Many claim they are a ploy by the evil b*stards at Google to get data for their self-driving car project.

If you REALLY want the service being guarded, this website provides some concrete suggestions although I do not agree with some of them:

  1. Solve the Audio Challenge. Claims it is easier
  2. Use VPN from a " a well-known VPN service. Not sure how that would help
  3. Use ReCAPTCHA Bypass Bots. I would be afraid that the bots will be malware.
  4. Hire a Captcha Solving Service. Apparently these services hire people in low-pay economies to solve the captcha for you. Again concerned about malware.

Of course, the best solution is not to do business with websites that require these torture devices. If you must, the best suggestion seems to be the audio challenge.

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Interesting. I hate this feature on web sites but it seems inescapable as many large sites use it for verification.

I don’t know about evil ploy but I always thought it was being used to build a database of some sort. Maybe it is not Google but I thought one of the services used it to build out an OCR-type database of imagery.

^^^ Captchas are randomly generated and distorted, it doesn’t make sense to OCR something that was created to be impossible to OCR.

The VPN advice doesn’t make sense. The only reason I could think of for doing this is that there may be websites that only present the reCAPTCHA if your IP is in the wrong country.

I don’t come across these too often. I also use a cookie manager to whitelist / save certain cookies so I don’t have to logon too often to the sites I visit most. Unfortunately I also use a bunch of other browser extensions that often prevent me from seeing the reCAPTCHA and I end up not being able to logon until I realize what’s happening and disable a bunch of extensions or use another browser profile…

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“With Image ReCAPTCHA, I get it wrong almost nine times out of ten.”

What’s wrong with the guy writing this post?

How does he know he gets it wrong? I generally have to go through at least 3 of the "traffic signal, bus, and crosswalk screens before it goes thru. I’m not sure if that’s failing or planned.


I use PIA VPN (#1 on the linked list) and sometimes get the ReCAPTCHA at google but the last 2 days I can’t even connect to google when connected to NY VPN but the North East one works fine. Google and other sites definitely treat VPN users differently (at least at times).

I seen enough of it to see a pattern. There are some images that you can only click “Next”, that’s for gathering information. I suspect once they get enough consistent response from that image then it can be used for “Verifying” function.

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I just tried this and it was ridiculously hard. I could not even tell what language was used.

Time to boycott websites that use these