How to get a good deal on a fridge?

Anyone know of any hot deals on a fridge? Or how to find a hot deal on a fridge?

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  • check your local utilities for rebates
  • Check outlet stores (sears, etc…)
  • stack 10% off Lowes/HD GC with military discount and coupons off ebay.
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The big box stores usually have some decent appliance deals around labor day.

Find it at Costco, price match at Lowes, then use a %-off coupon, pay the balance with discounted GCs, and hope it doesn’t break after 1 year mfg warranty. If Lowes delivers it with minor cosmetic damages that you can live with, call back to complain, settle on a 30%+ credit instead of exchange. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Or just buy at Costco and pay with Citi CC for ~4 year warranty (2 mfg + 2 citi).


Craigslist. Rich people remodeling the kitchen having year or two old appliances.


We found a “scratch and dent” warehouse to replace our GE over the stove microwave. I wanted the same model so that I wouldn’t have to mount a new frame on the wall. It was 45 bucks, and because there were cabinets on either side, you could not see the scratch on the side.

That thing got used multiple times every day, and lasted until we sold the house, 4+ years later.


Best price is when they want to move the demo’s off the floor, I went by Lows and they had a bunch of models out front so I picked up a 1900 frig for 700.00 with 5 year warranty added. Each store is different so you have to go by each one Home Depot and Lowes and ask where the floor models are located that are up for sale.

Otherwise wait for a sale and get one of those lowes 10% coupons, I found a cheap deal on the net and then had sears match it, if you have an account they have coupons that you can apply to drop it down, I acted liked a dump ass with the sales chat guy online and he dropped my washer about 100 below everyone else.

I bought a Kenmore side-by-side from Sears from a Labor Day sale. I ended up paying half it’s usual price. I bought lots of discounted SEARS GC from GC sites (Use GiftCardGranny to compare). I used a promo code as well, as I bought it online. I think the promo code came from RetailMeNot. The fridge is actually made by Whirlpool, and I’ve been very happy with it. It’s a counter-depth model, as I only had room for that.

I’d been watching prices for many months, and hoping the POS apt-sized fridge that came with the house when I bought it, wouldn’t die. It’s thermostat was wonky, so sometimes stuff would freeze in the back. Labor Day had the lowest price all year, so I’d suggest you check out Labor Day deals. I almost bought one from the Sears outlet, the new one bought on sale online, ended up cheaper than the dented outlet store model.

We also have a store here that sells gently used furniture, and gently used appliances. They also sell scratch & dent appliances as well. I bought a new Frigidaire dishwasher there for less than half price. It has two dings on the front, and a surface scratch. The guy who installed it used a rubber mallet to even out the dings. I don’t care if it’s pretty, only that it does it’s job (It’s a Gallery series with stainless steel interior), which it does well. I’m planning on getting a kitchen range with a flat cooktop, and will get one there because it’s often 50% off MSRP, if not more. They have sales there to move out merchandise to make room for more. See if you have any places like that nearby.

If you have the patience to follow the myriad Sears shop your way points specials, you could probably find an angle with that.

All the sort of current deals and tactics for major retailers work if they happen to sell refrigerators.

For instants, I bought our appliance package at Best Buy and stacked a 10% off moving coupon along with the effective 20% off from using Apple Pay on Discover a couple years ago. And better when you buy random sale items rather than a list price set.

after buying many appliances in my lifetime : I find my local small store has the best service and prices even with the so called coupons and he gives free delivery. if I have a Q. They answer the phone…Plus they take away the old one on the spot. Cant be beat.


OP here. I got a whirlpool side by side from Craigslist for $200. :grin:


One of the best ways is to check the different hardware stores like Lowes and Home depot for display sales. Years ago we went to a 3 different stores lowes and home depot and one of the Lowes had a ton of display out front, most of the time they are in back you have to ask, and they sold us a Samsung frig for 700 with 5 year warranty which was 2100 off the list price. Later that year we picked up a LG double oven for 60% off, we went to 4 different Home Depots and I think 3 of the 4 had them so we picked out the one that didn’t have any marks or missing items. Last shot is ebay, sometime they get sellers dumping stuff and you can get some good idea many are local pickup.