How to trigger specific BankAmeriDeals?

I had sock drawered my BOA credit card for almost a year and noticed that BankAmeriDeals cash back promos do not seem to be offered to dormant cards. I then used the card for a couple small grocery + restaurant purchases and presto - 4 new cash back offers showed up for grocery stores and restaurants.

Is there a known way to trigger specific offers? When I used my card at a grocery store, an offer for a competing store appeared on my statement directly under my grocery transaction. So, I’m wondering if it might be better to shop at a competing store of the offer you really want to trigger?

Specifically, I’m in the market for some auto parts and have read of people getting a 20% Advance Auto offer.

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I think you answered your own question. Maybe a small charge at another auto parts store.

However, I believe most deals that are not offered to everyone are primarily location-centric.

I’ve got 5% cash back at Advance Auto Parts right now for BoA. Never had as high as 20%. No idea how I got the 5%.

Couple months ago, I had 5% at Advance Auto and 20% at Autozone. No clue how it happened since I haven’t shopped at either for more than a few years, and never with bofa card, and why at same time. Needless to say, I used the Autozone offer. Right now, I have a 5% at Advance Auto.