How to use a small balance pre-paid debit card?

Got a class action settlement of $2.50 on a pre-paid debit card. Was on Ebay buying something for $10 and wanted to use it as partial payment and the rest with Paypal, but saw no way to do that. Are these useless unless I buy something for $2.50 or less? Is there no way to split payments on online purchases?

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Add the card to Amazon, buy a gift certificate of that amount, once transaction has cleared, remove the card.


There are stores that do split tenders online, but generally the answer is no.

Do you never buy groceries? There’s a good chance it’ll auto-tender the balance of the card and you wont even need to ask the cashier to charge a specific amount.


Sure. What do you mean it’ll auto-tender the balance of the card? When I buy groceries, I insert my plastic credit card into the machine. This $2.50 is on a virtual card.

You hadn’t mentioned it being a virtual card. Yes, Amazon gift card reload is the simplest option.


I use my virtual cards like that on my cable bill. Spectrum.

1/10 times it will say it wont work. Just logout n try again.

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