How to Use Wiki Functionality

As with FWF, this software allows a post to be flagged as a “wiki” and then all users can edit that post. We can make this behavior default, but only for the first post. That’s our current setup (it can be turned off). Otherwise, a moderator or admin can make any post a Wiki.

Given this setup, it seems that the best way to post is to make a brief introduction post with simple details and reserve the second post for your, personal discussion.

Alternatively, we can disable the automatic wiki, and when you make a new topic, make the second post empty, and PM an admin to change the post into a wiki.

Let’s all agree to be civil and wield the wiki power responsibly. We’ll tweak settings until we find what works.

If you make a topic where you don’t want the first post to be a Wiki, just send me (or another mod) a PM, and it can be disabled. We’ll keep them on by default unless and until we feel the need to change the functionality.