HP P241v 1920x1080 24" IPS LED Monitor at Staples $75 FS

This is a new monitor. You will see the discount at final checkout. Use this code: 45560

You will need this filler:

Your filler item

Here is the monitor itself:

The HP monitor

Good luck to all


Note: This monitor carries a four year warranty

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I need a new monitor.

I have this older monitor that keeps locking me out. When that happens I must get to the back & reinsert the cords. Sometimes it works, after fooling around. I like a large screen. Looks like this is 24", which what I have now.

There are several monitors listed on the bottom at a far higher price. So when all is done, this one is $75. Sounds like a good deal. We do have a Staples in town.

If you need one with height adjustable stand: HP P24h. Just picked it up from Staples yesterday and haven’t opened the box yet.

They also have a 27" for $105 if you want a bigger screen. Although IMO 1080p on a 27" may show pixels a bit too much for my taste.

Good point. Every time I get a new computer, I pull this old AOC monitor out because it’s 24".

Probably should have mentioned in the OP that this deal dies a mean and ugly death this coming Friday, 7/10.

Also, for anyone unfamiliar, “FS” in the title stands for free shipping.