HRBlock fed+state $22.50 Amazon

Five free federal e-files

state efile is not included. It is not included in TurboTax either.


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Good way to cash out AMZ No-Rush Rewards:
|No-Rush Reward:|-$1.86|
|Amazon Day Reward:|-$6.00|
|No-Rush Reward:|-$8.00|
|Amazon Day Reward:|-$0.62|
|Amazon Day Reward:|-$5.00|
|Total before tax:|$0.00|
|Estimated tax to be collected:*|$0.00|
|Order total:|$0.00|

Just be mindful when picking W2 for you+spouse. It defaults to myself even though I had different names (TTax doesn’t ask that). Gave me an error excess SS credit that my cousin CPA didn’t catch either :frowning:


$44.99 now…

Try TTax? TurboTax Deluxe Federal + State 2022 (Digital or Physical) + $10 Amazon GC

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I’ve been using the free Fido TT option these past few years. Any indication Fido will continue providing this benefit?

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Is that TT deluxe online or DL? Free? Might switch

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There are usually long threads on the Bogleheads about this in December. No one can figure out who gets the offer and who does not. It does not seem to be tied with the size of your account at Fidelity.

Edit. Here is a monster 1088 post thread at the Bogleheads with some posts from earlier this month


Thanks. I’ll look at that Bogleheads thread.

It’s the premier, which at least I’ve downloaded but believe you can work with it online if you prefer. And it has been free so far, at least in my case.

The price is back to $22.50.

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