Individual member feedback rating

For members that do trades with other members , we should have a feedback feature where people can rate the transaction as positive or negative .

Also for members who intend to do many trades with other members ; I suggest you start your own thread with something like "SiS trading profile " and then people can reply with detailed feedback . This will help to avoid difficult members and reward those with the highest positive ratings

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When I did GC trading with people on FW a few years ago we used a site called lavafire or something like that. I can’t remember the exact name now.

Heatware is what AAT uses… could be a possibility.

This is a great idea! I’ll start:

/setfeedback +50 Points to TripleB

Yes, that’s it. Heatwave. Haven’t logged in forever, not sure my account is still active. In that GC group, we also used ebay user feedback rating. My eBay account dates back to 1996.