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They let me read it without anything special. Try this link.


TSLA -15% premarket, not having a good day after failing to make the S&P cut.


But didn’t you see the Marketwatch “article” about TSLA rising on Monday, outpacing the market?

(Bot “articles” are funny. Links are dead now )

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Lol, they’ve got their bots working overtime writing articles on the (trading) holiday.



Owners of CRISPR Therapeutics [NASDAQ:CRSP], and those who follow the stock, might find of interest this evening’s Nova presentation on PBS. Broadcast times vary. Consult your local listings.

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:frowning: aapl not back down to $60 yet

Edit: intraday a new post-split low ($108.66), 21.5% down from the high.
Only ~$40% more to go then I could go longgg again.

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Half a trillion in just over 2 weeks.


Been away for a while but I’m back… I was expecting some of you would be talking about some of the electric car stocks on here like Nikola, workhorse and such.

I’ve got a little NKLA right now, but that’s because the short selling hit piece knocked the price down recently, and hopefully not for too long. PIC is the latest EV-via-spac play.

Bad morning for this position?

Gone as of 4am, got $25-26 for it.

ETA not a great price tactically for the day, but sure is better than holding til now…

SPI - presented without comment. The stock was $1 before, since it’s hard to see on the chart.


52 Wk Low 0.55
52 Wk High 46.67

It looks like a combo pump-n-dump and short squeeze. :grimacing:

What are the chances of seeing apple below $100? Most of tech stocks are still high up there.

if say 50/50 seeing it below $100 first or ending up above $200. Not based on any data.

I think I’m staying mostly on the sidelines until after the election. I could see things getting much more expensive though while I’m on the sidelines…

$100k Ford ($70k unrealized losses), $160k AAPL ($124k unrealized gains), $160k cash at IB.
$125k cash, $45k annuity, $40k index at 403b.

I’m considering cutting some more Ford and realizing some losses to offset some of my short term gains. I’m probably sitting at 50-80X Trump’s annual income taxes right now.

Not a bad idea for tax loss harvesting using Ford. I too considered it but I’m waiting until the next cycle of Truck get released before i think of selling ford. I know the Dividends are still cancelled but I feel like the new trucks F150, Mustang Mach E and the Bronco line will make this stock rebound a good deal, not like high teens but back up to 9.00+ and after the bronco released and hype builds, maybe even around 11. If Ford’s hype machine can stirr up the car enthusiast with the Mach E, they will want to get into the electric Mustang. We just won’t get the 1400 hp version but with mods, we can still have fun.

That’s been ford for a decade. Always looks good around the corner…

An alternate option is I could open a charitable fund and bunch a few future years of charitable contributions. Probably at the point where I can support the $100 yearly fee making sense for fidelity charitable. Downside is deducting less if I transfer to the fund now rather than in the future (when the aapl could be worth more)