Intel 545s 2.5" 512GB SATA III TLC3D NAND SSD 55 bucks + tax with FS

Selling for more on the Egg’s own website. Crazy eBay deal.


These things are selling like hotcakes. Do not expect deal to survive much longer.

Note: While sales tax is being charged in many states, it is not being charged in all states. YMMV

This drive carries a five year Intel warranty.

Sorry everybody, this deal is sold out. At that price I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. I snagged one of these . . . just one. I only use Intel drives. They are usually expensive but I like the five year warranty.

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Looks like its OOS now but it was a farly good price for ~500GB sizes.

SSDs have been dropping fairly steadily in price over the last few months.
Newegg had the Intel 660p NVMe M.2 drive for $75
There were 1TB drives from Micron and ADATA for $100 level with Black Friday coupons.
1TB Samsung M.2 drives are $128 :


There are couple of really good deals lately on SSD and DDR4. I guess something more fundamental had changed in the market.

Thinking of building another mid-range gaming PC next Spring so I’ll start to gather parts soon.

Agreed. You probably remember several years ago when SSD prices skyrocketed. I’m unable to remember why that happened . . . just cannot recall.

Anyway, there is a lot of talk the SSD marketplace is now heading in the other direction, with prices falling instead of rising. This Egg offering would appear to be one piece of evidence confirming that thinking.

I bought one of the drives without having any immediate need for it, so I might have some regrets if prices fall further as many predict. But there is SO much going on worldwide related to trade (disagreements, tariffs, etc.) that I sort of figured “bird in hand worth two in bush” on this one. Also, it is at this time of year that genuine sales on such components as this seem to appear. So I jumped in.

Finally, I only buy Intel drives. I cannot recall ever seeing a sale like this on Intel SSDs. Other brands? Sure. But not on Intel.

I suspect NVMe PCIe drives are somehow pushing down the prices of all drives, considering they’re 4-6 times faster than SATA3 SSDs. And they’re not much more expensive, so if I were to build anything now, I’d be sure to get one of those.

My first SSD deal was Intel 530 and I got it at a price that couldn’t be matched for about 2 years. There was a rebate.

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Yup. I’m still running on 530 and 535 Intel drives in all my builds and also in my laptops. They are slower. I do not care. But I do prefer MLC controllers over TLC, in my drives, and I also like that Intel made ALL the chips in those older drives.

OK, so this 545s drive has a TLC controller and not all the chips are made by Intel. What can I tell you. It still has the Intel five year warranty. One is unwise to allow the perfect to become enemy of the good!:grinning:

I wonder how much difference would that make vs SATA for people who doesn’t do video editing, etc… I have some time to make a decision on the next build.

Video editing is probably more about RAM and CPU. Advantage is when loading lots of data simultaneously, such as starting up some big application or loading a huge game. I haven’t played anything in a while so I really don’t know if even games could benefit from this. But such a huge improvement factor at a small-ish cost increase is worth considering.

NVMe drives are noticeably faster than SATA for stuff like load times and anything storage intensive. Its not the giant leap in improvement you see from HDD to SDD but its still enough to notice and be worth paying a bit for.

Here’s an example of real world side by side comparisons for some load times etc showing NVMe vs SATA vs HDD


Good video. Thank you for posting!

THey have the same deal back on again at $55

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200 sold in one hour. Oh, my goodness!! Thank you for the update.

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aaaaaaaaaaaand its gone!

It is astonishing how super quickly these drives are sucked up. How can they sell so many so darn FAST!!?

Anyway, mine is on the way from the last go-round. I wonder if there will be a “third time’s the charm” repeat sale as we move closer to Christmas. Guess these drives will make wonderful stocking stuffers!!:laughing:

the price will come down. My first hard drive was 40 MB.


My drive just arrived. Very nice presentation. 512 sweet little gigs. Zero regret. Bird in the hand with warranty for five years, likely longer than I’ll be alive. :wink:

Next chance for a sale like this probably not until Memorial Day . . . or a year from now. Too long to wait.

More like the prices will stay the same, but the drive capacities and speeds will increase (proportionally).

Did the whole desk shake while the drive was spinning? :slight_smile:

No, but I think it was around the time MSFT released Windows 3.11.

Once I started a “real job” then I had to deal with punch-card for a control system that was installed in the 80s. I also had to deal with a CAD machine that uses 8 inch floppy disk. Yes, 8 inches.

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