InteliSwab™ COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test - two for fourteen bucks will ship this for free if you meet their $35 minimum order.

Price is marked down from $25.

Tests end up costing seven bucks each. Test your inoculation averse relatives before they sit down at your Thanksgiving table! :grinning:

Link to COVID-19 test deal

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There’s also this one, same price ($14) but takes half the time (15 min vs 30):

I wonder how good they are.

I took the one you mentioned, a week before taking a PCR test (required for re-entry to the US). Both results were negative, not that it implies any accuracy.

I also took an antibody test which said I’ve got Covid antibodies. My Canadian doc said that Covid must have failed when it hit the olives in my bloodstream. She also said that I’m her second oldest asymptomatic patient. Darn, I wan’t win anything.