iPhone SE, 32 GB - $49 with port in at MetroPCS (YMMV)

iPhone SE, 32 GB - $49 with port in at MetroPCS (YMMV)
Last night I bought a NIB iPhone SE, 32 GB (Space Gray) for $49 with port in (from AT&T Prepaid) at MetroPCS.

*I signed up for the $30/month plan.
*No activation fee or fee for in store payment were charged.
*I was told this is very YMMV. I bought this in the Boston, MA area.
*OTD for the phone, plan and taxes was $91.44.
*MetroPCS unlocks their devices after 3 months.


What’s the model # for the phone from Metro DarthEnol?

Hello, it’s model A1662.

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I’m looking for the gold 32GB SE, but none of the local stores have it. I tried calling Metro but their system won’t put me through unless I’m already a customer (boo!).

@DarthEnol - Did Metro charge you sales tax on the non-port-in phone price ($149 for the SE)?

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This deal is very YMMV. There are reports of 16 GB models going for $29 with port in.

Yes, sales tax was charged. I mentioned this in my original post. It was based on the original $149 price. I suppose I could have gripped about it, but since there were no activation or SIM card fees, I figured the tax on the full price was cheaper than either of those fees.


what did they need for port besides AT&T Prepaid # and sim

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AT&T account number.

I called my local Metro store yesterday; they only have/had ”Pink Gold” left.

Supposedly this deal is ending on 10/23.

But as always: YMMV.

I settled for the space gray since I’ll put a case on it anyway. The authorized dealer nailed me for NJ sales tax on the full $399 retail price. Still, ~$77 OTD for an iPhone. Thanks for the heads-up about the deal possibly ending tomorrow - are all models affected? Still getting used to the way Apple does things. Itunes on a PC is a POS.

If Space Gray was still available, I’d have picked one up.

Sals tax varies by both state and vendor in some cases. I’m in MA and paid sales tax based on the original $149 price.

Whatever…this deal is so damn good, I put my nickel & dimeing aside.

Yes, iTunes is a PITA. 10000000000000% agree.

I’m >>>assuming<<< if/when this deal goes away, it’s for all models. But that’s a 100% guess on my part. Again, YMMV, especially with Metro.

Supposedly a new version of the SE is getting released in Q1 of 2018. If true, then that explains the recent price drop by all carriers on the SE. I wonder if it’ll be even cheaper for Christmas?

[B]This deal is ending on November 3, 2017. [/B]

This iPhone deal can be used with the $100/4 lines of unlimited promo.

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