IRS announcement: April 2021 tax filing deadline is infirm

The IRS will not move the tax filing deadline again:

IRS says it won’t extend this year’s tax-filing deadline

Unfortunately, filers won’t get any extra time this year to tackle their tax returns. The IRS has confirmed this week that it will not, in fact, be pushing back the April 15 deadline this year. If you haven’t begun to give your taxes some thought, now’s the time to get moving.


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That just means for people who don’t file for the extension, which anyone can get.



But you still are required to pay up in April or face interest and/or penalties.

Last year we were able to pay late with no added cost. It was great.


I wish they framed this advice with a word of caution rather than told everyone to file ASAP blindly. For people with higher income in 2020 than in 2019 and who are in the phase out portion for the likely 3rd stimulus, it may be very wise to delay filing this year so that their stimulus check is still based on 2019 income instead of their 2020 income.


Yeah. If you’re on the cusp, you should pay estimated and take the extension,


May not even need to get an extension. If the law passes mid-March and you receive your stimulus via direct deposit, you’ll likely get it before Mid April deadline. But if push comes to shove, make a conservative estimate, pay a little over to be certain, and file for an extension. Not like your float is earning tons these days anyway so it may be worth it.


But then what happens if you had a kid in 2020, but higher income in 2020?

Yes that worked for me for the 1st stimulus since my 2018 income was much lower than 2019.
Not sure how they’re handling those that haven’t filed 2019?

I will file extension for 2020 since income was higher than 2019 but still within phaseouts

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could be a wash, but depends on income thresholds


I agree. Although if you file later, and did not get stimulus for the extra kid, you should be able to get it once you eventually file provided the upcoming law looks like the previous ones.

Things are real slow at the IRS these days


As of Jan. 29, the agency still hadn’t processed 6.7 million individual returns for the 2019 tax year. That’s a problem for anyone expecting refunds, which will be delayed.

The problems may not dissipate this year. The IRS has already said it wouldn’t start processing 2020 returns until Feb. 12, two weeks later than usual. A new batch of stimulus checks, which the Biden administration is hashing out with Congress, could throw yet another wrench into filingseason.

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Be aware there is a move afoot in Congress once again to delay our tax filing date until July fifteenth.

This is not yet law

But it is a live proposal by a number of Senators so keep a weather eye:

Lawmakers push to extend 2021 tax filing season to July 15

After all, this happened in 2020 and could happen once again. The excuse now is the same as back then: the pandemic.


I’m old enough to remember the saying, “It would take an act of congress to…” meant that something was extremely unlikely to happen. “It would take an act of congress to delay the IRS tax deadline,” would have meant that there was no chance it would happen. Now… well, that just means that it could easily happen because this is the sort of thing congress has been doing for the past year.

Feels weird.


I finished my sons taxes. FreeTaxUSA. $12.95.

I used this firm last year & I went for it again this year. Federal free, State $12.95.

I used to use Turbo for his taxes in past years, but no more. If you have a non-complicated Income Tax, try this.

You will like it!


Fed taxes for TX extended to June 15.

Just wait for a Republican-caused disaster in your state, and you can get an extra two months too!


I guess expecting any thread to remain politic and hate-free is nigh on impossible. :slightly_frowning_face:

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What’s politic? TX fed tax due date was extended because of the emergency declaration… that’s not relevant? It’s the same reason everyone’s was extended last year…

You want a deregulated electric grid that is not weatherized? Tradesies?

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But ironically (?) it doesn’t take a special new act of congress to extend the due date…

need to type to post, even though all said above.