IRS has no phone support and doesn't return email questions

I’m registered at, and have an IRS Clean Energy Business Account to be able to process clean vehicle tax credits when selling a clean car.

I sold an EV last week and it authorized the tax credit to the buyer, but it wouldn’t process the transfer of the credit to the dealer which would have let the buyer pay $1500 less at the time of sale. I’ve been trying to find out what the problem might be with my account but the IRS has no phone support for this topic, only email support at but I’ve sent three emails over the last two weeks with no reply.

Any other way to contact them? Walk into a local office?

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I dont think you can expect a response in 2 weeks. I dont know if you have any other option but to wait. You can try a local office, or try calling about a more general topic over the phone. But it’s going to be a crapshoot. I know that sucks for you, but most things IRS are done in hindsight, with no time pressure/urgency on stuff that has already happened, so most of the support system is set up that way.

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The inevitable result of the Republican approach of starving the IRS.

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LOL. That may be true. But also sometimes I pretend to be too busy so I don’t get even more work :rofl:.

I got a letter this year that required me to call them (fraud prevention / identity verification), and for my first 5 attempts the answering system just said nobody is available to take my call and hung up.


Sadly, this is the only verifiable method that you can count on. All other methods will be discounted and denied and as unverifiable, including email (from semi-personal experience).

Despite possibly moronic idiotic uninformed references to political parties, NO political party will claim that they want to increase tax revenues from anyone but the rich (sometimes called the one percenters or some other disparaging name, but never called the producers or the job creators).

ETA: Pay at_least as much as you think you owe so they don’t hold the penalties and interest threat.