Is it a ghost town out there yet?

Are your streets empty? And your grocery stores packed with people with a line out the door? Is it even safe anywhere but at home??

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Not here. A decent portion of people are leaving several feet distance, but not everyone.

Our city has doubling numbers every day or so, but only at 29 so far. They only showed a 100 tests or so total a day or two ago, but they removed that data from being disclosed anymore.

Not here. I’m hoping the freeways will get emtpy enough so that you can drive as fast as your wallet will let you.

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Last week, the freeways weren’t empty but I was surprised there was significantly less rush hour traffic than usual. Next week, I expect to see nothing but open roads.

Yes, my wife has been singing the praises of a 7 minute commute.

I wish. By the time people around here get scared enough to park their vehicles, it’ll be landscaping time. :unamused:

Driving speed limit in Seattle during rush hour. I never thought I would live to see the day, but it’s here now.

Grocery stores are more busy than normal but not super packed. I don’t do Costco so no idea there.

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I’m hungry, will check out local fast food joints to see which one are still open.

Is it a ghost town out there yet?


What town?

No town. No ghosts. No cares.

Just a beautiful sunny day in the country here.

Life is good. :smiley:

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The nearest town where you go to buy provisions. You know, it takes you thirty minutes to get there on a horse-drawn carriage.


How would I know? I’m not there.

My photographer friend got these great photos of the French quarter deserted at night. I think he’s going to sell prints of them and donate the proceeds to service industry workers.

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The empitness is odd, but what is even odder is the cleanliness. :smile: It’s not that clean even on Ash Wednesday.

Is it clean enough to eat off the floor?


Depends on what you’re eating. Definitely clean enough for crawfish. :smile:

Asks the cow…

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